Rooftop goes Solar: new installation in Benigembla, Spain


Miguel Cascarano


June 22, 2022


10:41 am
meeco residential sun2roof system in Benigembla, Spain

Our meeco sun2roof solutions produce electricity from solar power to shave off cost and reduce carbon emissions

Solar roofing is becoming a trend in residential uses and rightly so, they are very lucrative investments. meeco offers several solutions to help and support private clients in the realization of their renewable PV energy projects and be part of a clean energy future. 

With its 19 top tier solar modules on the roof one such self-consumption installation finalized in August 2021 is a good example of green consciousness. 

Located in Benigembla, in the Alicante area – Spain, this tailor-made PV solution of 6,56kWp, produces about 10,09MWh per year, largely covering the owner’s demand. Additionally they will save more than 2,83 tons of polluting emissions, the equivalent to the CO2 absorbed by 48 trees in a year.

“Being able to save on electricity costs is important” says the homeowner “but what matters even more is being able to contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly world. And if I can make a profit while helping save the world even better!”. 

Indeed, it is estimated that this particular solar installation will have refinanced itself within only 4 years. From then on every kWh the installation produces is pure profit for the wise homeowner.

Now it’s your turn to save money on your electricity bill too. Switch to self-consumption… contact us 🙂