meeco India presents solar solutions at the Solar Summit & Exhibition



July 15, 2015


1:35 pm


Clean energy provider participates in Gurgaon’s huge trade fair for solar industry

For many years the Swiss-based clean energy provider The meeco Group, jointly with its Indian subsidiary meeco India Pvt. Ltd., espouses a sustainable power supply in India. Currently, meeco is attending the two-day Solar Summit India in Gurgaon, Haryana, a significant exhibition and conference for the solar industry, which mainly focuses on photovoltaic, PV production technologies, energy storage systems as well as solar thermal technologies.

As the event particularly zeros in on solar efficient all in one industrial products, it is well attended – mostly by professionals. The Solar Summit India gives meeco India the opportunity to supply to the numerous visitors information on the several sun2roof and sun2live PV solar projects, which were successfully implemented and manufactured during the last years of its expansion in the country. In order to promote the awareness of solar energy, meeco India furthermore shows its expertise by presenting its energy turnkey solutions and solar storage systems sun2light, sun2safe and sun2go.




The sun2go turnkey solution is a portable or semi-portable solar generation and energy management / storage system, which provides power for small residential units, rural communities, clinics, offices, schools, telecom repeater stations, agricultural needs, lighting applications or any other type of situation requiring reliable off-grid power supply at a medium scale. Also the exhibited lighting system sun2light is portable. Through this solution, meeco delivers an energy storage system, that suits local requirements and community needs especially in regions with no connection to the electricity grid. The sun2safe is an all-in-one converter/inverter central energy management system enabling a better insight into power production and use, leading to a better management of produced energy and savings.

As a successful PV rooftop solution, meeco’s sun2live ensures solar power distribution at a small- to medium-scale level and the storage of energy for both grid-connected and off-grid installations. Acting as a 24/7 power supply source or a backup solution, sun2live can provide electricity to households, businesses and communities to cope with increasing electricity costs or the unreliability of the grid.


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Indeed, India is facing various issues concerning an electricity scarcity due to outages. This is why sustainable, clean and unlimited power solutions, such as the sun, could bring a positive turnaround. Opportunities offered to solar energy investors are very promising as India benefits from ideal weather conditions and a high solar insolation. Thus, the Swiss-based solar energy provider, The meeco Group, entered the Indian solar market more than five years ago and pushed the development in this sector. Since then, more than 60 MWp of photovoltaic projects have been completed and a remarkable progress could be recognised. Concurrently, meeco’s expansion, through its subsidiary, meeco India Pvt. Ltd., is actively contributing to the development of the whole country and pushes forward global sustainability.


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