meeco increases capacity and installs again the largest solar plant in Zimbabwe



September 1, 2017


2:46 pm


We expand our renewable energy endeavours in Zimbabwe. After equipping the facility of a Zimbabwean company with the so far largest solar energy plant in the country, we will now implement a further extension at the same clean energy installation and are about to execute a third PV facility with a capacity of 330 kWp.

To ensure a cost-effective and predictable energy supply we have installed an off-grid sun2live energy generating system with a total capacity of 216 kWp in the first quarter of this year. To meet the client’s requirements the eco-friendly clean energy solution has been installed at two different locations.

The first 152 kWp sun2flow solar system has been placed close to the lake, where the generated renewable energy drives a pump to process water. Another 64 kWp ground-mounted sun2live solar power solution was installed at the company’s management facility to shave off costs arising from the generator’s diesel consumption. The sun2live installation now will be extended.


The so far largest solar energy installation in Zimbabwe will now be extended.


In addition, a third solar facility with a total capacity of 330 kWp is about to be installed at another site of the client. The sun2live/sun2flow combination will immediately displace electricity coming from the grid and will thereby reduce electricity costs. As a combination of the energy generating system sun2live and the solar water pumping solution sun2flow, the solar facility will supply power for the entire farm including the pumps. We will connect highly sophisticated and advanced and reliable frequency converters (Aqua Drive), which will run the existing water pumps to secure the water supply of the client. With an integrated speed controller the Aqua Drive regulates and adjusts the voltage, which is variable and dependent on the current load of the pumps. This allows running the water pumps most efficient on photovoltaic or on grid supply. The far-sighted planning of the 330 kWp sun2live/sun2flow facility is planned to allow for more prospective extensions to come.

“We consider this shift from fossil fuel-based power to renewable energy another major step towards further cost savings for our client and, of course, additional emissions that can be avoided by utilising the clean natural energy of the sun”, explains Chief Operations Officer (COO) Sebastian Bovensiepen. “Whilst we deem these installations a major turning point in the energy production policy of our client, it is just the beginning of a promising future for energy generation via solar technology in Zimbabwe and other African countries. Due to its excellent solar radiation Zimbabwe and other African countries have a high potential of generating clean energy by installing our sun2live energy generating systems.”


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