meeco ensures consistent energy supply for Primary Care Program in Pakistan



April 30, 2019


1:56 pm

sun2safe energy generation and management systems provide clean energy for medical health care

In today´s fast moving times, a life without a stable and sustainable energy connection is un-imaginable. In nearly every point of life, a continuous energy supply is required. However, this does not come naturally in every part of the world. What happens, when people in remote are-as need medical help and have no possibility to reach a centralized medical institution? Being aware of this problem affecting millions of people, Dr. Abdul Bari Khan, CEO of the Indus Health Network, initiated the Primary Care Program, a mobile clinic container solution in Paki-stan. The Swiss-headquartered renewable energy generation and storage provider The meeco Group supports this program with its intelligent energy management systems sun2safe.

The first container clinic was launched at the beginning of April 2019 at Khorwah Chowk, Ba-din, Pakistan. This mobile clinic moves into various remote areas of the country and offers its services for people who are not able to reach a regular medical location near them. Every day, up to 200 patients can receive a variety of free medical services. Those services include rou-tine medical checkups, mental health counseling and access to medicines and x-ray facilities, to name just a few. As a first point of contact, the Primary Care Program provides continuous and comprehensive access to quality health care free of cost.


This mobile clinic cares about the medical needs of people in remote areas of Pakistan.


As a highly committed renewable energy and storage company, The meeco Group specializes in developing and installing tailor-made clean energy generation and storage solutions for pub-lic and charitable purposes like these medical facilities. To ensure a stable, sustainable and reliable energy generation and storage, meeco implemented a sun2safe solution for the first mobile clinic. The system is an all-in-one energy management solution developed to guaran-tee a steady and reliable energy supply for the container clinics. Thanks to sun2safe, the Indus Health Network is able to minimise its energy costs and use its financial resources for the people in medical need.


Mobile clinics are part of the initiated Primary Care Program and are able to handle 150,000 patients per year.


All services are customised so as to match the healthcare needs of the people. For deprived people, a special drone service is available, which delivers medical supplies to an area of about four kilometers around the container clinic. A single mobile clinic is able to handle 150,000 patients per year. To provide medical care for those people, a high level of non-polluting and consistent energy is urgently needed. In the scope of the Primary Care Program, further mobile clinics and facilities throughout the country are planned and shall be equipped with meeco’s sun2safe systems as well.


Our sun2safe energy management solution provides clean energy for the container clinics.


“It is a pleasure for us to combine our vision of reliable renewable energy with medical health care in remote areas,” states Sebastian Bovensiepen, CEO of The meeco Group. In a large country like Pakistan, a mobile clinic ensures access to medical treatment for many people, but a single container is not enough for the whole population. “We are looking forward to con-tinuing our corporation with the Indus Health Network,” Bovensiepen summarises.


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