meeco balloon team is part of a world record




August 17, 2017


2:05 pm


The meeco hot air balloon team has just experienced ten exciting days in L’aérodrome de Chambley located in Lorraine, France. Together with 1,335 pilots and more than 1,000 hot-air balloons registered for 38 nations our team has participated in “Mondial Air Ballons 2017” – the biggest and most famous hot-air balloon gathering in Europe. Despite unstable and windy weather conditions meeco’s Chief Technical Officer and enthusiastic balloonist Thomas Beindorf could undertake five excellent flights with the SunCarrier-branded hot-air balloon above the French landscape.


The “Mondial Air Ballons 2017” is the biggest hot air balloon gathering in Europe.


Our Chief Technical Officer, Thomas Beindorf, could undertake five excellent flights with the SunCarrier-balloon.


Highlight of the event was the mass start of 456 hot-air balloons erected in a line, which was recognised as a new world record on 28th July 2017. Originally planned for the first event weekend, the world record attempt had to be postponed by a week due to the strong winds. Accompanied by good weather conditions the meeco team and 455 further balloonists prepared for the joint take off. Two helicopters with observers from the Guinness Book of Records supervised the positioning and counted the balloons. When they gave their sign the 456 hot-air balloons started simultaneously. “That was a great experience and also a good promotion for our solar energy solutions”, Thomas Beindorf sums up.


Despite unstable weather conditions, the new world record of 456 hot-air balloons erected in a line could be achieved.


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