meeco balloon team has floated above the wintry Alps




February 8, 2017


12:46 pm

Journey draws public attention to solar energy

A beautiful view over the snow-covered mountains of the Alps represented the reward for our meeco balloon team, which has been exposed to temperatures of 20 degrees below zero. From January 14th until 21st the team participated in the “Ballonfestival Tannheimer Tal” in Austria near the country boarder to Switzerland. Braving the cold temperatures the team flew with its SunCarrier-branded hot-air balloon at an altitude of 3,200 metres above sea level.


balloon-festival-Austria-Alps-Tannheim-ThemeecoGroup balloon-SunCarrier-ThemeecoGroup

The meeco ballon team flew at an altitude of 3,200 metres.

“Due to varying air flows the navigation through the mountains is more challenging than in flat terrains”, explains Thomas Beindorf, Chief Technical Officer of The meeco Group and also enthusiastic pilot and balloonist. “However, the mountain scenery with millions of ice crystals has provided us with an amazing and unforgettable sight.”


meeco-balloon-team-festival-Austria-ThemeecoGroup SunCarrier-solar-tracker-balloon-festival2-ThemeecoGroup

The Tannheimer Tal in Austria represented a magic scenery for the balloonists.


One of the aims of this journey was to draw public attention to our solar energy solutions, which are part of meeco’s broad product range. “The technical development and progress of our solar energy services and solutions including the solar tracking SunCarrier brand, which is perfectly visible on our balloon, have been immense in the past years”, states Thomas Beindorf. “They have been slimmed appropriately, whereby the entire technology became even more profitable. In this year we will continue to focus on the distribution of our innovative clean energy solutions and products also including the solar tracking technology as promoted on the balloon.”


balloon-festival-SunCarrier-team-ThemeecoGroup balloon-festival-Austria-Alps-ThemeecoGroup

 The solar tracking solution SunCarrier is part of meeco’s broad product range.


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