meeco at Intersolar: sun2go can even recharge an electric scooter




June 9, 2010


2:45 pm

The meeco Group is exhibiting its latest innovation at the Intersolar Munich 2010, the worlds largest and most important trade fair for photovoltaic and solar thermal applications. The portable sun2goTM is a small, but highly effective portable power supply that can be easily carried, thanks to a wheeled trolley. The advantage of this portable energy solution is the powering of small electric devices and tools for several hours a day.

Look for meeco Group from June 9-11 at Intersolar Exhibit Booth #230, Hall C4. The meeco group, together with their strategic partner a+f GmbH (a subsidiary company of Gildemeister AG), will offer their world premiere of products and unveil new innovations.

The sun2goTM delivers 1 kWh storage capacity with a nominal output of up to 600W in both AC and DC power. It can therefore power small electronic devices, appliances, and tools such as lights, fans, heaters, measuring equipment, audio players, laptops, TV sets, and power hand tools. It can even start a traditional automobile if its battery is dead. But this is not all: The sun2goTM can even recharge an electric scooter.

The sun2goTMs sturdy and rainproof trolley can be taken anywhere and withstands even tough environmental conditions. It can therefore be used in many remote areas of the world where reliable electric power supply is not available. Until now, the most common off-grid solution has been the fuel-powered generator, an expensive solution with negative environmental impact. The sun2goTM is a professional, fully-integrated solution, and can be powered by solar energy to reduce costs and preserve the environment.

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