meeco AG joins Hogueras festival at Alicante, Spain



July 7, 2009


10:14 pm

090623ES-MS-MA-EVH-ALC-Hogueras Balloon74 (1 of 1)

On the 23rd and 24th of June, meeco AG took part in the Hogueras festival at Alicante, Spain. This was the first event where the hot air balloon of meeco AG was presented. Under the command of one of the best balloon drivers worldwide, Mr. Wilhelm Eimers, and assisted by Mr. Thomas Beindorf, meeco AG invited the President of the Port, Mr. Campoy, and a number of local dignitaries to enjoy a short ride on the balloon.

The famous Alicante Hogueras with millions of participants from all over the province is a very important festival in the regional calendar. It was a perfect possibility for meeco AG, and its subsidiary SunCarrier Services S.L., which is located in Alicante, to present the balloon which features the SunCarrier and its innovative renewable energy solutions.

Please find some impressions from the balloon and the festival below.

090623ES-MS-MA-EVH-ALC-Hogueras Balloon74 (1 of 1)

090623ES-MS-MA-EVH-ALC-Hogueras Balloon77 090623ES-MS-MA-FW-ALC-Hogueras Balloon17

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