meeco AG expands into agrobusiness




July 23, 2009


5:54 pm

meeco AG diversifies its business activities into a new area, trading re-imported agrochemicals in the Swiss market. Swiss farmers are offered high quality chemicals, such as agricides and fertilizers, at discount prices. For this purpose,  meeco AG has founded its subsidiary meeco agro AG, located in Zug.

Agrochemicals are highly priced in Switzerland. The main reasons for the immensely differing prices between directly purchased, and re-imported chemicals are the near monopolistic structures of agricultural retailing.

This is the bearing point of business for the newly founded meeco agro AG. In this newly entered field of business activities, the meeco AG subsidiary is expected to establish itself as a new market participant in agricultural trading. meeco agro AG deals with the worldwide production, trading, marketing and distribution of goods for agriculture and gardening, in particular agricides. The market will be dealt with from headquarters at Zug, and from the operations sub-office in Bad Ragaz.

As a subsidiary of meeco AG, the new enterprise will have sufficient resources at hand to start swiftly. Thus a quick, reliable and fairly priced delivery of means of production, auxiliaries and goods is guaranteed. Larger market participants as well as regional retailers will be served by meeco agro AG, however, the most important client remaining the single agricultural end-user.

Internet shopping and a strong, versatile web-representation will be offered to the younger generation of traders and farmers, catching the momentum in a rapidly modernizing agricultural world.

meeco agro AG will commence business by August 1, 2009. In a first phase, a basic selection of about 40 certified agricide substances in a variety of about 100 combinations will be offered.