meeco AG delivers alkube Solar Island Solution to Grenada




October 22, 2009


9:30 am

Stand-alone hybrid power supply for water treatment plant on an island

With this first delivery the Swiss meeco AG initiates the sales of a new product combination: the alkube Solar Island Solution. The so called Solar Island Solutions provide electrical energy to buildings and installations which are situated in areas without stable energy or no supply from the electricity grid.

The actual project supplies solar energy housed and mounted in the alkube Solar Island Solution to support the control and monitoring system of a water treatment plant. The alkube is basically an ultraportable multifunctional building of only 200 kg weight, in which control and monitoring systems of solar parks or other plants can be accommodated.

This project is outstanding and unique for its feature of being a Solar Diesel Hybrid system providing a 4 kw Island Power. It guarantees a steady power supply in a rural area without any energy supply through the grid. In addition, this All-in-one-kit contains a highly efficient battery system serving as a backup for times without sunshine / solar energy and the rare case of unavailability of the diesel generator.

meeco AG delivers this alkube Solar Island Solution to the French enterprise Farmex Technologies which makes use of the alkube on the island Grenada in the West Indies. The system will provide a steady power supply for a water treatment plant in a rural area.

Dieter Trutschler, Director Marketing & Sales of the meeco AG explains: With this solar diesel – hybrid system we have designed a optimal solution. Instead of using two diesel generators, which was the initial plan of the customer but would have taken constant service and diesel refilling, we now have a solution which is highly self-sufficient and runs primarily on the basis of renewable energy through solar power, but at the same time works steadily in case of bad weather by using the diesel generator.