meeco AG announces roll-out of sun2go




March 20, 2010


7:10 pm

Portable photovoltaic power solution supplies off-grid electric power

meeco AG announces the worldwide roll-out of its latest renewable energy solution, sun2go. sun2go is an independent, portable photovoltaic solution which supplies electricity generated by the natural power of the sun.

In many remote parts of the world, reliable electric power supply is not yet available. Due to the immense costs, it may never be. Therefore, off-grid and portable solutions are the only way to have electricity in many cases. Until now, the most common off-grid solution has been the fuel-powered generator, a solution which has a high running cost and negative impact on the environment. Now, sun2go offers a professional solution which reduces costs by generating electricity from solar energy, is environmentally-friendly, and is portable for a wide range of settings, from professional application in off-grid areas, humanitarian and emergency situations, to leisure and recreational activities.

Powering small electric devices and tools by using the natural power of the sun is much easier and less expensive than using small fuel-powered generators. Stuart Moss, responsible for global sales and marketing of meecos Off-grid Solutions explains: sun2go does not require re-fueling and requires much less maintenance. Calculated over the economic lifetime of the system, sun2go is the first choice in most cases.

sun2go delivers 1 kWh storage capacity with a nominal output up to 600 watts DC or 15 amps AC , and can be charged via solar power or the electric power grid. It can provide power several hours a day for appliances such as electric lights, electric power tools, measuring equipment, broadcasting, radio and audio players, laptops, small TV sets or similar small to medium size appliances. The sturdy, rainproof, lightweight, wheeled trolley can be taken anywhere and can withstand tough environmental conditions. Utilizing a combination of German engineering and Swiss quality, the system is simple to operate, durable and reliable, and can be used in a wide range of applications.

Renewable, portable energy systems such as sun2go represent a sustainable solution to address off-grid electric power demand, both for day-to-day use in remote areas as well as for emergency and humanitarian purposes. concludes Mr. Moss.