Mauritius to go Green with photovoltaic solar energy



March 17, 2014


2:05 pm

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SETL meeco Ltd. to provide clean energy access on the whole island

Port-Louis, Mauritius. SETL meeco is the leader in photovoltaic kits solutions and generators in Mauritius and aspires strongly to defend and promote green energies on the island. With more than 107 solar installations in Mauritius and Rodrigues, the company produces energy worth to close to 20 millions Mauritian Rupees per year. SETL meeco is responsible for as much as 1,4 MW SSDG (Small Scale Distributed Generation) from the total of 1,8 MW of the island. Moreover, other photovoltaic projects are in process in view of supporting the transition to a greener Mauritius.

SETL meeco was founded in February 2013 as a joint venture company between SETL, a subsidiary company of the renowned and well-known LEAL Group, and meeco Services (Mauritius) Ltd., a 100 % subsidiary company of meeco Invest AG as the holding company of The meeco Group, which is at present more than 80 years active in the energy sector.


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“Our company chose to take the path of green energy since there is a growing demand in Mauritius. We are in phase with the concept “Maurice Ile Durable” which represents an economic opportunity, which can be beneficial for all of us. There is a market for clean energy in Mauritius because the final consumers can achieve relevant savings on their electricity bills, all the while contributing in the preservation of the environment. We are humbly contributing in greenhouses gases and reducing our dependence in fossil energies”, stresses Philippe Genoud, Chief Operating Officer of SETL meeco.

Furthermore, SETL meeco markets different types of photovoltaic kits, especially the grid-tied with or without energy storage backup, of which the set up requires a permit from the Central Electricity Board (CEB). On the other hand, this CEB permit is not necessary for other models, such as the hybrid kit and the stand-alone kit. The solar kits, paired which a storage system, enable its users to avoid the bad experience of an electric shut down, while still benefiting from a reduced electricity bill. In addition, the user can resell the surplus of electricity produced by his system if the production exceeds the demand of his premises.

The company SETL meeco offers turnkey solutions and follows up with administrative duties at the CEB and financial institutions. “Therefore a lot of clients put trust in us, including several schools such as the Collège du Saint-Esprit and Universal College, as well as private companies, such as Clinique du Nord and EAL Man Hin Group” adds Prakash Ramiah, Assistant General Manager at SETL meeco. Mr. Jo Hanns Dieter Trutschler, Sales Director of The meeco Group, adds: “Mauritius is a substantial market for our company and we are looking forward to further develop photovoltaic energy in the country.”

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