Key island property equipped with smartly interconnected solar solutions




December 12, 2016


2:52 pm


PV Energy supports Antiguan island to shift to clean energy

Antigua and Barbuda. Another property in the Caribbean twin-island state is now powered by the sun. The clean power provider PV Energy has installed a 51 kWp ground-mounted sun2live solar system in conjunction with a sun2water reverse osmosis on a small neighbouring island situated in the North of Antigua. This power generating system provides consumers with clean and reliable energy and is part of a comprehensive and smart power solution. The interdependent system enables the property owners to generate and store their own electricity and furthermore to operate the integrated sun2water reverse osmosis water treatment system, which ensures an independent and consistent drinking water supply.

The implementation of the 51 kWp solar installation by PV Energy allows the property owners to cover their energy and water demand self-sufficiently in a totally sustainable way. By substituting the energy generation with polluting and expensive diesel generators through the sun2live solution, generating 76.5 MWh of reliable solar energy yearly, the residents will save 53.5 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

The 51 kWp solar installation generates 76.5 MWh of reliable solar energy yearly.

The integrated renewable energy system combines different turnkey solutions, which are intelligently interconnected – the sun2safe and the sun2water. Whilst attending to the current power requirements the decentralised energy management system sun2safe offers the possibility to save and optimise the use. Thanks to this solution, any generated surplus is stored in batteries in order to ensure a consistent energy supply for all consumers. Additionally, sun2safe allows for a close insight into the power production and an online supervision of the consumption.

PV Energy’s intelligent sun2live solar application moreover powers the sun2water water treatment of the property. The generated energy from the sun is transferred to the water treatment plant sun2water that purifies water by means of reverse osmosis. Through a semipermeable membrane, ions, molecules and larger particles are removed from drinking water. An external pressure is applied in order to reverse the natural flow of water and to push the solution through the membrane and remove contaminants from potable water.

water-treatment-sun2water-Antigua-PVEnergy PV Energy’s renewable energy system combines different turnkey solutions.

This smart solar energy project represents another step towards a sustainable and economic energy supply in the Caribbean. By utilising the ideally suited weather conditions for renewable energy installations on the twin-island state, PV Energy will enhance the implementation of similar projects, while further pursuing large and small-scale installations together with the island’s government.


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