Installation of rooftop project at Shalamar Hospital to continue



July 8, 2015


8:21 am

ThemeecoGroup-Pakistan-solar-rooftop-plant Shalamar Hospital

oursun Solar Power Ltd. completed already 208 kWp of sun2roof solar plant

As a leader in clean energy solutions The meeco Group holds an important position in the Pakistani market. Thanks to its subsidiary, meeco Services Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd. and its joint venture, oursun Solar Power Ltd., meeco accomplished the implementation of various significant projects in the past few years such as the sun2live rooftop installations for the Lahore University of Management Sciences and the Pakistani food products company Supreme Farms. Since July 2014, a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) ties the Shalamar Hospital and oursun Solar Power Ltd. This contract foresees the installation of a sun2roof project of up to 350 kWp. At present, 208 kWp have already been installed and connected on the Shalamar Hospital roof.

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Shalamar Hospital is characterized by a specific structure called Businessmen Hospital Trust conceived in 1974. The hospital first started as a non-profit institute managed by an eminent group of businessmen believing in strong values such as social uplift, charity and humanism. The founding idea was clear: Creating a hospital, which can enhance the welfare of impecunious patients by offering free of charge treatments. Nowadays, the Trust is composed of seven members and chaired by Mr. Chaudhry Ahmad Saeed.


quote We are proud providing Shalamar Hospital with clean energy and thus contributing to the sustainable and healthy development of Pakistan. The completion of the following 100 kWp will be set up in the next six months.”

Syed Saad Zafar, CEO and Director of oursun Solar Power Ltd.


oursun Solar Power Ltd. will be in charge of the development, design and installation as well as for the management of operations for the sun2roof PV installation.

Moreover, negotiations regarding an additional extension of the contract up to 1 MWp in-between the Board of Trustees of Shalamar Hospital have been started. “Currently, we already got the green light for further 500 kWp, which will be installed at the car park and on the roof of the hospital”, reports Syed Saad Zafar. “The project expects its second and third phase to be completed by end 2015.”



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