Hellas! – meeco AG expands to Greece




October 22, 2008


11:00 am

SunCarrier Services Hellas S.A. takes over distribution of solar-tracking system.

Despite of a worldwide financial crisis on all relevant markets, one industry still has excellent future prospects: the solar industry. The development potential for environmentally friendly and yet financially rewarding investments are evaluated far more positive in this sector than the economic climate of all the other industries. In 2008 alone, the global solar market will grow to a size of 3.6 gigawatts of produced energy. Considering this development and the specific demand particularly within southern Europe, the Swiss meeco AG recently founded SunCarrier Services Hellas S.A. in Greece. Meeco already established a bureau there 12 month ago. The inauguration of our representative office, explains meeco distribution manager Dieter Trutschler, signifies the starting signal for the intense marketing of our innovative solar-tracking system SunCarrier, made by the German manufacturer a+f GmbH.

The particularly high feeding compensation for sun energy in Greece caused a veritable boom in solar technology on the peninsula. Due to the large number of license applications, the government has currently limited the further granting of licenses to solar devices with a peak capacity of 20 kilowatts (kWp), Mr. Trutschler continues. Using the specially adjusted SunCarrier system, an attractive return can also be achieved within this range of performance. The tracking technology always ensures optimal alignment of the solar panels to the sun and thus for the maximum yield. Therefore the profit increases by up to 30 percent compared to conventional, permanently installed systems.

The SunCarrier already proved its value in Italy and Spain. More than 1,100 SunCarrier were dis-tributed by meeco AG alone within the past year for use in projects on the Iberian Peninsula. They were set up as turn key solutions and connected to the network by a+f GmbH. These solar power plants currently generate a peak of 37 megawatts of sun energy. According to meeco distribution manager Trutschler, another 8 megawatts will follow in September/ October 2008, when additional 300 SunCarrier will go into service, which is, regarding the immense increase of fossil energy prices, an important contribution on resource conserving energy production.