Green or not green? No question but only one answer


Miguel Cascarano


August 8, 2022


3:29 pm

People shall leave energy from fossil and focus on inexhaustible renewable energy with benefits for themselves and for the entire planet.

The green conscioisness of each of us says it is the answer and planet Earth asks for it, with increasingly tangible signals: the transition from energies that pollute and are running out to, so-called, renewable sources is the most logical choice. In fact, more and more companies and private individuals are deciding for energy self-production and energy self-consumption, partial or total.

Solar energy is ideal for producing electricity because naturally unlimited and 100% clean. However, to build a PV system on a roof, some structural elements must be always considered.

For a company like meeco, which has been operating since decades with absolute reliability in the photovoltaic sector, the study of the various types of roofs and surfaces is essential.

Before installing a PV system on a roof, all specific characteristics must be clear. For this reason, meeco technical department carries out careful sizing and feasibility calculations before proceeding to select the best possible structure able to offer great performance production by granting wind resistance and homogeneous weight distribution.

The complete turnkey and customised solution includes all the services needed to design, structure, plan, install, commission and monitor the operations of the rooftop system in order to meet the requirements of every client.

To choose one of the meeco PV solutions is a green turning point together with a capable, innovative and highly reliable partner.