Environmental services meets Renewable energy



July 23, 2020


8:45 am

The REWA Group: the next step towards a sustainable world through clean energy from The meeco Group

Even though The meeco Group branched out during this ongoing Covid-19 pandemic to develop the mobile disinfection airlock sun2MobiDes as well as other MobiDes disinfection products , we are still focusing and are very much active in our core business of providing clean and renewable energy. As another successful project sees its conclusion, we could not be prouder of our achievement together with the REWA Group.

The REWA group is one of the world’s leading suppliers in the dewatering market and one of the largest service companies for chamber filter presses. Decades of experience, customized solutions and a comprehensive range of services in their main business of chamber filter presses and mobile sludge dewatering, ensures their success in the long term.

This esteemed company has seized the opportunity to start generating their own sustainable energy. The successful installation of the first sun2roof solar PV system will result in permanent reduced energy costs and electricity price fluctuations being a thing of the past for the REWA group.

Going solar – all benefits at a glance for the REWA group:

  • – Energy cost reduction
  • – Attractive return on investment
  • – Sustainable energy production
  • – Greener company image

Having unused roof space in different individual buildings, proved to be the ideal space for the first sun2roof solar PV installation. Our engineers further developed a tailormade, optimized system based on the company’s actual consumption, and other relevant details provided by REWA. It all resulted in optimized renewable energy solution in accordance with the customers’ wishes and compliant with local law and regulations.

The first completed sun2roof solar plant totals of 83,4 kWp. 298 top-tier solar modules comprise the entire system with a generation capacity of 62,5 MWh/year.

As summarized by our head engineer: “This solar plant is not only the most sustainable solution, but also very attractive financially.” The first of three sun2roof systems will meet the energy needs of this specific operations of the company and will in the long term save substantial energy costs.

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