Emerging countries moving towards a clean energy concern



June 30, 2015


1:46 pm


meeco to accompany emerging countries in clean and green development

Only a few years ago, clean and renewable energy installations were seen as expensive and unaffordable. It has then become customary to think that only western and industrialised/developed countries could afford such costly projects. Indeed, prices of the equipment necessary for the construction of clean and renewable energy systems were quite high even until 3 years ago. However, thanks to continuous and consistent efforts of researchers over the past years, to develop innovative, performing and technology advanced materials and techniques, prices have drastically plummeted. Consequently, the use of clean energies is henceforth available for almost every country willing to enjoy a growth under the label of sustainable development.

Even though some emerging countries are known to have higher political risks associated than developed countries, several emerging countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America or the Caribbean have lately been attracting a growing number of international investors interested in the implementation of renewable energy projects there. Amongst them are such countries as India, Pakistan, Ghana, Senegal, South Africa, Zimbabwe or Paraguay. These countries are offering new and unexplored opportunities that will over time pay off as energy is a safe investment with secured take off. Emerging countries have been driving this trend in favour of clean and renewable energies for years now, and contrary to suppositions made years ago, they have become the leaders and the most committed in sustainability.


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The meeco Group has created and supports subsidiaries in these emerging countries where it joins hands with local colleagues and partners by implementing solar projects, for a responsible and sustainable development. The meeco Group and its international network of subsidiaries and joint-ventures have undertaken many challenges together in these countries, in order for all to benefit from the advantages of using clean and renewable energy systems.


Children playing in the school yard in Pakistan
Children playing in the school yard in Pakistan


There are several reasons for the eagerness of emerging countries to provide clean and renewable energies. First, many emerging countries are suffering in their development because of the lack of reliable electricity generation or because of daily outages. In some countries for example, the inhabitants can not venture out at night because the streets are not safe due to missing street lights. In other countries, the lack of electricity is a major problem to run companies or public institutions such as cold storages or hospitals. Secondly, with the innovative clean energy solutions, emerging countries will have access to an unlimited source of power from sun, wind, geothermal, biomass, hydro and other natural resources. Thus, being able to generate enough power themselves without relying to much on carbon based commodities, emerging countries will become independent from those commodity based energy supplies which in many places are provided by other countries. Thirdly, many people in emerging countries do not have access to the national grid and governments have serious troubles to resolve this matter. The solution was and is to implement small-scale clean energy installations throughout their countries, instead of trying to connect all the inhabitants to the national large-scale domestic grid. These decentralised solutions are in many cases much more easy, quicker, and cheaper to set up. Finally, a rare and interrupted power supply from the national grid in some emerging countries makes the price for continuous supply of electricity skyrocket, as alternative means such as diesel generators have to be used and consequently makes the energy too expensive for private households but also for the industry and thus affects the economical development of such countries.


Employees of meeco Services América Latina setting up a new sun2flow system


Clean and renewable energies solutions offer cost advantages for emerging countries, as they are mostly less expensive (due to the fact that there is no long term commodity fuel supply need) than grid solutions (which are in several countries impossible to implement in any case), and thus, they enable everyone to get access and thus improve quality of life.

The fast growing demand for clean energy projects in emerging countries is a clear sign for the huge enthusiasm for renewables in those regions. The meeco Group will remain at their side to support them in this step-by-step process towards clean energy.


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