“Durion” – naming, slogan and visual identity by MEDIENKONTOR Dresden – MEDIENKONTOR brings innovative energy storage solutions brand into the market




February 2, 2012


1:55 pm


MEDIENKONTOR Dresden GmbH starts off the year with a new naming and visual identity project called “Durion”. Since November 2011, the Dresden-based PR agency has put in place a new line of services, namely Visual Identity and Branding along with its new tagline “Making content visible”. The request to create a holistic branding concept came from the Swiss-based, Clean Energy Invest AG. The client wanted to create a brand that would reflect the forward-thinking philosophy of a technology business and at same time produce an identity that is structurally different from the existing energy storage systems in the market.

To answer this need, MEDIENKONTOR first proceeded to the traditional research work and mind mapping in order to identify key concepts and naming leads. The “Durion” brand came from the association of the words “durable” and “lithium ion”. Filipe Webermann, in charge of the Visual Identity services at MEDIENKONTOR, explains: “In order to perpetuate these concepts, a bold and incisive wordmark was created with a strong d-shaped icon, allowing for an easy and instinctive cross-functional media implementation using this squared “flame” and thus generate the desired brand awareness”. Along with the “Durion” wordmark comes the slogan “Storage made smart”, which underlines the cleverness and uninterrupted remote control capabilities of these energy storage solutions. At the core of MEDIENKONTOR’s competencies is content editing combined with visual identity – this combination was fully used in the Durion solutions’ overview brochure as well as the website, both media where it developed the content and designed the layout.

“We had very little time to bring something to life and we were impressed with MEDIENKONTOR’s reaction” says Prof. Dr. Norbert Menke, Managing Director at Clean Energy Invest AG. “Within such a time frame, MEDIENKONTOR worked efficiently with us and managed to produce results that we are truly proud of – a strong and consistent brand identity that has already convinced potential clients to work with us” adds Dr. Menke.

MEDIENKONTOR’s work with Clean Energy Invest AG is not over, as the company plans to develop new sales tools, interactive marketing materials and deploy its first energy storage containers to clients in the next few months.

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