Creating Shared Value: at the heart of The meeco Group strategy




September 4, 2014


12:43 pm



Creating Shared Value, environmental sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility are currently ubiquitous and highly discussed issues across the global economy.
But what does CSV really mean? Which related notions are supported by this concept? And how does The meeco Group incorporate it daily in its core strategy?

With the current economic situation, new business models have been developed replacing outdated, narrow and short-term approaches to value creation, which are only based on profit maximization.

CSV is one of the new sustainable business models, redefining the link between corporate performance and social progress. This concept implies a corporate strategy turned towards long-term orientation and societal concern. At the end of the value chain, the final output is then shared between two economic agents: the company and the society. This mind-set results in a business approach based on long-term orientation and social concern, bringing all stakeholders of a project and communities together in order to achieve mutually shared benefits. According to this view, a business is successful in the long run as long as it takes into account the value shared with the society.


The meeco Group_Creating-Shared-Value

• Compliance: The meeco Group strategic ground

We put the Creating Shared Value concept at the heart of our strategy, acting according to key principles such as compliance. We take care of environmental, economical and social standards. We foster corporate core values such as honesty, integrity and fairness.


• Sustainability: The meeco Group strategic foundation

Sustainability is a social and environmental key component of the CSV concept, which only makes perfect sense in a long-term basis. Indeed, we care about the impact of our business on the environment but also on individuals.


Resource efficiency for future
Our mission relies on environmental sustainability reducing carbon emissions and spurring economic growth by creating reliable and affordable clean energy. We aim everyday at delivering superior value to our clients and simultaneously to all other stakeholders. We are daily committed to sparing resources for future generations.


Provide clean energy access to everyone
Moreover, we always try to create social sustainability. In that respect, we provide ideal solutions for local communities living in rural, remote areas or developing countries with no grid connection and thus, help them to increase their welfare by meeting their requirements.









Recently we have concluded a Power Purchase Agreement with The Shalamar Hospital in Lahore, in Pakistan whose main goal is to provide better treatments for local non-affording patients.
Find out more about our promising cooperation with Shalamar Hospital


pakistan-water-tanks ThemeecoGoup-CSV-drinkingwater


In Paraguay, our sun2flow water pumping system helps farmers in remote areas to implement drinking water supply system for large cattle farms, without any kind of connection to the electricity grid. Thanks to our high-end solar modules with proven water pumping and irrigation devices, farmers can boost the productivity of their farm.
Find out more about our sun2flow installations in Paraguay

Our sun2grow greenhouse solutions also support local communities’ well being by maximizing energy production via PV technology leading to the optimization of cultivation conditions.

quote“In 2011, we installed a 4KWp sun2live system to reduce the use of Diesel generators to power farm worker houses. We implemented several sun2flow systems for water pumping, which is the main energy cost factor. Since that, we reduced our spending in Diesel by over 80%. When we used Diesel as the main energy source, we provided only for 10h energy per day to reduce the daily costs of Diesel. Now, we have energy 24h a day.”
Victor Toews, Riacho-i S.A., farm manager


We, at The meeco Group can realize our environmental and social sustainability concerns thanks to the distribution of our turnkey energy storage solutions such as energy storage and management, portable energy, water pumping, telecommunications, greenhouse, water treatment.

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