Autonomous power supply through off-grid solar systems




September 22, 2016


4:46 pm

meeco provides innovative PV energy solutions for remote areas

Even today, many regions around the globe lack infrastructures that are adequately developed to supply the population with affordable and reliable electricity. In a world with unsteady and unpredictable fuel and transportation costs, the usage of diesel generators is not a reliable and cost-effective solution anymore. Relying primarily on diesel for remote power generation is not only remarkably costly – considering the high operational cost of diesel/oil consuming generators – but also very risky, as fuel prices are endlessly unpredictable, volatile and undeniably rising over time. Further, the environmental impact of fossil fuels due to the high rate of polluting CO2 emissions should evoke a change towards the expansion of renewable energies. Consequently, off-grid or autonomous clean energy sources such as solar systems are the most appropriate and sustainable solutions, and can overcome the economic and environmental issue at reasonable costs.


The sun2flow solar water pumping solution in Paraguay enables farmers to cater to their drinking water needs.


In remote areas, many farmers and ranchers use fossil-fuelled water pump systems to cater to their drinking water needs. As freshwater is literally the lifeblood of their activities, their consumption and reliance on diesel is substantial and rises, as a result, relentlessly their energy costs. Agriculture is the mainstay of numerous economies, such as in Paraguay, where the farming industry generates almost one-third of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) and ensures nearly half of the nation’s employment. The magnitude of this sector justifies the local need for access to safer, cleaner, more reliable and affordable energy.


The off-grid solar system sun2flow allows for the generation of clean energy.


To tackle this issue, meeco has designed and developed the solar water pumping solution sun2flow. This PV-powered system replaces ineffective diesel-powered water pumps – usually used for crop irrigation, or cattle industry. This off-grid solar system – as a stand-alone and decentralised solution – allows for the generation of clean energy. sun2flow eases the life of local ranchers by cutting their fuel expenditures and improving the efficiency and productivity of their facility and business operations.

Alongside the agricultural sector, the telecommunication branch needs to find new ways of energy generation. In a globalised and interconnected world such as ours, communication services and internet connection are a substantial part of living and economic progress. However, these services are very limited – or even not available at all – in remote communities, since there is no access to the grid and the use of diesel generators is relatively expensive. In order to cope with these challenges an alternative power supply for telecommunication stations, also referred to as Base Transceiver Stations (BTS), is required. The meeco Group offers the possibility to power BTS stations using renewable energies. Through our solar telecommunication solution, sun2com, we are supporting mobile phone network suppliers by providing 24/7 off-grid power and guaranteeing reliable energy supply whilst also ensuring a substantial reduction of costs.


meeco’s sun2com represents an alternative power supply for telecommunication stations.

Among our wide range of renewable energy solutions, we offer decentralised and greenhouse gas-free power supply systems, which reduce the dependence on inadequate and expensive fossil fuels. Structurally designed to be easily installed anywhere in the world, these off-grid solar energy systems ensure energy autonomy by meeting clients’ requirements whenever and wherever they arise. By substituting the use of fossil fuel-powered generators, customers are not only achieving crucial savings, but they are also reducing their own carbon footprint considerably.


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