a+f GmbH and meeco AG at Egetica-Expoenergetica 2009 in Valencia, Spain




December 7, 2009


3:49 pm

The Egetica-Expoenergetica 2009 in Valencia, Spain, is one of the most important trade fairs in the national and international renewable energy business, attracting approximately 10.000 visitors this year. meeco AG used this opportunity to present itself at this trade fair in cooperation with a+f Iberica, a subsidiary of meeco AGs German partner a+f GmbH in Würzburg, which is a subsidiary of the German Gildemeister AG.

The 32 sqm stand at this international trade show provided the opportunity to meet many current as well as potentially new customers and other visitors from a variety of countries. In addition to the high performing SunCarrier System, a+f Iberica, with the support of meeco AG, presented its new and highly efficient photovoltaic module cleaning system. This system is able to clean up to 150 square meters of photovoltaic modules per minute in tracked as well as fixed installations, which is a key element in ensuring that the yield of the photovoltaic modules remains at their optimum. This newly developed cleaning technology, which impressed many visitors at the trade show, utilizes a water pressure technique which can vary between 5 and 30 bar, and can reach photovoltaic modules as high up as 23 meters.

The Egetica-Expoenergetica 2009 was a good opportunity to further expand the international awareness of the SunCarrier brand not only in connection with tracked and fixed photovoltaic systems, but also in connection with operating and maintenance services which are offered for such systems, including services like performance monitoring, module cleaning, thermographic surveys and other yield-enhancing measures.

Please find some pictures of meeco`s and a+f`s participation on the Egetica-Expoenergetica below.