Addressing the Telecommunications Market




September 1, 2011


8:09 am

As part of The meeco Group’s efforts to develop new clean energy opportunities, telecommunications is one of the most attractive sectors to address. The telecommunications sector creates a dramatic amount of CO2, and are now becoming very open to renewable power supply alternatives.

The meeco Group recently appointed Scott Osborne, a long-term telecom veteran, to lead our global telecom business. After just a few months, The meeco Group is making significant progress in this sector. ‘The big new opportunity in renewable energy for telecoms is to replace diesel generators used to supply power for off-grid BTS (Base Transceiver Station) towers. All mobile operators are concerned about their “green” image as well as hedging their long-term diesel costs.  Today the ROI for renewable energy is much more attractive’ explains Osborne.

Under the leadership of Stuart Moss, head of the company’s global off-grid business, The meeco Group has moved aggressively to address this market. ‘We have added over 200 MW of renewable energy capacity over the last five years, and are now leveraging this experience to provide full turnkey solutions to mobile service providers said Mr. Moss. ‘As a result we are launching a two tier approach to this market. First we communicate directly with mobile operators to make them aware of opportunities in renewable energy.  Then we bring world-class technology and financial capabilities to their existing suppliers of telecom equipment and field services, creating easy-to-deploy, reliable renewable energy solutions’.

The meeco Group and its local service partners are in discussion with many of the largest mobile operators in the world, such as Maroc Telecom, MTN, Vodafone, du (EITC Dubai), Méditel, Indus Towers, and Telenor.  We are also involved with operators of military communications such as Thales and Reutech. On the supplier side, meeco is working closely with the largest telecom suppliers, such as Alcatel-Lucent and Nokia-Siemens Networks, as well as other strategic, trusted installation partners. Just this week meeco formed its newest partnership with a services company, Brightech Operations, to address the markets of South Africa and Kenya.

In the telecom sector, The meeco Group is successfully leveraging its rich heritage of project enabling through consulting, turnkey solutions, and project financing. With the industry’s most comprehensive range of renewable energy products (e.g., generation, storage) and strong service partners, The meeco Group is quickly becoming a leader in fully engineered telecom solutions.

The future for telecom is green.

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