Turn solar for real benefits: meeco sun2roof PV systems make the solar fit for the future 


Miguel Cascarano


July 12, 2022


5:11 pm

The current economic and environmental situation leaves no doubt. It’s time to think green. It is time for everybody to look to renewable resources with confidence and believe in a sustainable world.

This is the case of the project developed and built by meeco in Gilet, Spain, in the Valencian community area. Already implemented in March 2021 this solution anticipated the current significant increase in energy costs.

Foreseen to cover the maximum consumption, especially in winter when the aerothermal heating system is in use, this specific sun2roof solution consists in 18 top tier monocrystalline high-performance modules generating annually about 9,78 MWh.  Of the energy produced, both the part used directly and the part put into the grid allow the owner of the house to benefit from considerable savings.

“Given the current increase in energy costs, being ahead of the times has given me a great advantage” states Mr. G. “Beyond the economic benefits, it is also important to think about the environmental benefits. My solar plant is probably only a small contribution in reducing carbon emissions but for me having the opportunity to witness how positive it is to have a green conscience is very important and meaningful.”

View of a rooftop solar system on the island of Jumby Bay.