Grow Green with meeco: Customer Focused Renewable Energy


Miguel Cascarano


July 21, 2022


2:00 pm
Grow Green with meeco: Customer Focused Renewable Energy

Enable everyone to benefit from cost effective and environmentally friendly renewable power production as an alternative to fossil fuel energy has ever been one of meeco’s priorities.

From solar farms to small residential rooftop PV systems, meeco develops and manages every single project with the utmost attention to the needs of the very specific client. Focus on the customer means flexibility in finding the most suitable but also sustainable solution that meets both client and environment requirements.

This is the case of the project developed and built in 2021 by meeco in Alicante, Spain, as an extension to an already existing PV rooftop system. The owner intended to use the terraces of his property to increase energy production by adding panels without, however, renouncing to use the outdoor space.

The solution chosen was a pergola-style structure, of which the owner was also able to customize the color, with top-tier monocrystalline high-performance modules now generating annually about 18MWh.  

“For a long time I could not find a solution that met my needs” states Mr. A.L. “Thanks to the system offered by meeco, I was able to significantly increase the production of clean energy, benefiting from great cost savings and, above all, I can still enjoy the terraces with my family and friends, a very important thing for us”