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Clinic goes Green: Doctor transforms clinic with meeco’s sun2roof



Miguel Cascarano


June 29, 2022


5:13 pm
Clinic goes Green: Doctor transforms clinic with meeco’s sun2roof

A doctor in the German state of Bayern hired meeco to install a 10,20 kWp rooftop solar energy system to alter how his clinic consumed electricity.

Meeco’s sun2roof and sun2safe technologies were used in the project. 30 in-house solar modules in total were employed. Generating an impressive 3,79 tons of CO2 emission-free energy each year while producing a total of 9,50 MWh. The system generates 27,20 kWh per day, and the clinic can be grid-independent by storing 18,60 kWh of extra energy with meeco’s sun2safe storage technology. Self-sufficiency at its finest.

The doctor stated, “The electricity cost of the clinic was just too much. I had to find an alternative for it and solar rooftop energy is exactly what I needed. Thank you meeco for installing an affordable and efficient solution. My expectations have been exceeded and made my clinic self-sustainable.” 

All of you must have heard about meeco’s sun2roof solution but meeco’s sun2safe storage solution is also state of the art. A fully integrated power conversion and energy management system, the sun2safe was developed by Swiss and German engineers and is compatible with all power sources. Consistent energy supply is guaranteed by top-tier batteries to store energy and an inverter to convert power into a form that is appropriate for all devices and applications. What more can you ask for?

Clinic goes Green: Doctor transforms clinic with meeco’s sun2roof

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