Are industrial rooftops an important sustainable choice? The answer of meeco sun2roof® systems in Spain


Miguel Cascarano


July 12, 2022


4:59 pm

Reliable company present in the Spanish solar market for many years, meeco has always been active in finding the right answers to the growing demand for sustainable energy.

The varied and wide range of solutions and services that meeco offers is aimed not only at the residential market but also, and above all, at the industrial and commercial one where recently energy consumption has become a very heavy cost issue.

Among these installations, is the sun2roof® system for a company that manufactures doors and windows in the area of Alicante. This installation was finalized in October 2021 and has since been producing clean electricity beyond all expectations.

This tailor-made PV solution of 11,4kWp, consists of 30 top tier solar modules allocated on the industrial roof of the property. It has been generating 18,15 MWh since its installation, saving 5,08 tons of polluting CO2emissions. 

“My sun2roof® PV plant helps covering quite all the company consumption” states the company owner. “I’m really very happy for having chosen this green energy solution. The energy production significantly reduced electricity costs. Furthermore, the sustainable energy is an added value for the company because it also reduces our environmental impact”.