The South American Republic of Guyana strives to switch from its dependence on fossil fuels towards a comprehensive clean energy supply. Our local joint venture oursun Guyana Inc. aims to contribute to this change of the local energy sector and to strengthen the use of renewable energy sources in the country.

Due to the favourable climate conditions, Guyana, located in the very North of the South American continent, has a considerable potential for solar and other renewable energy projects. In its national energy policy, the government of Guyana has set the target of a 100 % renewable energy supply by 2025. To reach this goal, various tenders for the equipment of government-owned buildings with solar systems have been issued.

oursun Guyana has been awarded several of these projects for the supply and installation of PV systems. In cooperation with local work force, the State House in Georgetown has been equipped with a 43 kWp sun2roof solar rooftop system ensuring CO2 savings of up to 35,000 kilograms annually. Moreover, the joint venture has realised the installation of 57 solar rooftop solutions with a total capacity of 740 kWp on various government-owned facilities such as administration buildings, schools, police stations and health centres. oursun Guyana has furthermore implemented solar solutions for the National Agricultural Research and Extension Institute (NAREI) and won the tender for the installation of an off-grid sun2live solution together with batteries for a remote community in the Mabaruma region contributing to an independent and sustainable energy generation.

By realising these projects, oursun Guyana aims to continue the distribution of renewable energy solutions and to contribute to change the local energy supply, switching from the use of polluting fossil fuels towards the expansion of renewable energy sources. Based on The meeco Group’s 80-year history in the energy business, the joint venture benefits from a vast experience in the realisation of small- to large-scale solar energy projects at an international level.

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Alicante, Spain

Proyectos hacia una energía 100 % renovable

Core competences

Striving towards 100% renewable energy

  • Realisation of small- and medium-scale renewable energy projects in Guyana.
  • Roof- and ground-mounted and grid-connected as well as off-grid installations.
  • Customised renewable energy solutions adapted to the local requirements.
  • Development, implementation, operation and maintenance of solar installations.
  • Development, implementation, operation and maintenance of energy storage installations.
  • Renewable energy advisory services.

oursun Guyana Inc. Lot 9 Bel Air Gardens | Georgetown | Guyana Phone: +592 266 4427